Showering in Diesel Fuel

I got some acetone yesterday, and I thought I had ATF in the garage, so tonight I planned to mix it up and put it in.  I propped up the front wheel to make the cylinders more level, and then I grabbed the air hose to blow the diesel out of the engine.  It was my intention to catch the majority of the diesel thus removed with paper towels; that didn’t work out quite like I planned, and I got pretty well hosed down with it instead.

Gah.  Nasty.

One shower later, I went looking and discovered that no, I don’t have any ATF left.  Crap.  Guess I’ll get it tomorrow.

Oh, and of course, the engine is still frozen up.

Still, in an optimistic mood, I began to consider what I’ll need to do to start it once things are moving.  I’ll check the valves to ensure that they are all free, of course, and the carburetor will get a good cleaning.  With that done, I’ll need the usual things: fuel, air, and spark.  It’s the latter that I’m concerned about right now.

The spark plugs are, as mentioned before, out of the engine; one is broken, the other missing outright.  So I need plugs.  I’m not sure if the engine will run without the battery, which I’d naturally like to avoid purchasing until the bike is closer to rolling condition, but if I have to buy one, I will.  Much of the wiring harness looks good, except, unfortunately, for the wire connected to the points, so I’ll have to work that out.

My real problem at present is the coil and plug wires, which are apparently a single unit, despite what Bill Silvers has to say here:

He is talking about a ’62 model in that post, whereas mine is a ’66 model, so that might make a difference; however, on the CMS website here:

the parts listing indicates that all CA77 models used the same coil and plug wires arrangement.

The coil tests out to 3.8 Ohms across the small wires, which I’m going to call close enough to the 4.5 Ohms Bill prescribes to make me willing to try it.  I just have to do something about the plug wires, or at least the caps, which are pretty busted up.  I’m going to post on the forums for advice on the matter; hopefully someone has a good idea for me.

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Plug Caps 100_2082.jpg
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Plug Caps 100_2083.jpg