XS650 Update

So I see I haven’t posted updates about the XS650 recently. About the time I made the last post, I bought the clutch plates via Amazon, fulfilled by Speed Addicts in Yorba Linda CA, and they came in about a week. My shop is unheated, but the weather is warming up here so hopefully I can start on the clutch job soon.

I will add a note about that Michelin Commander II front tire: I did more research over the winter, and a LOT of people complain about vagueness, shimmy, or wobble with this tire. The reviews are overall pretty good, but the reviewers are mostly riding much heavier Harleys. Virtually all the negative reviews agree with my experiences. However, there are a few people who noted the tire improves after around 500 miles, so I’m leaving it on for a while just to see if that’s true.