Guess I’m Not Quite Done Yet

After my last post, I took the CB650 for a short ride around town, and I thought it felt like the front brake was dragging.  Well, it is.  I suspected the caliper (as I’ve had a similar problem in a car before and that was the source), but after discussing my plans on the Honda CB650 forum here I learned it’s probably the master cylinder.  Specifically, I need to clean it out, making sure the fluid return hole is clear.

While searching for a rebuild kit for my bike, I found this:

Yes, you can just buy a complete replacement unit, clean and new with a full set of spare parts, and it’s cheap.  But… I read some reviews of this unit, and decided against it.  It does not have the capacity of the stock unit, so I’d have to pay closer attention to the fluid level.

Instead, I’m getting a K&L rebuild kit, their part number 32-1464.  Got it on here:

I’ll have to drain the existing fluid, dismantle, clean, and refurbish the master cylinder, put it all back together, and finally refill and bleed the system.  I’ve picked up a bottle of fresh DOT 3 fluid and some clear plastic tubing, so as soon as the rebuild kit comes in, I’ll get started.

In other words… more later.